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  • Madness staff team start new project: Wrath of The Lich King 3.3.5 Fun Server. 

    Like 255, high HP 1000m+++


    Server Info:

    *** Fun Server.

    ***Server. Type PvP/RP.

    ***Start Level 1 max lvl 85.

    ***65000 Custom Items

    ***Epic Custom Commands

    ***VIP System

    ***Epic World Chat System

    ***C++ Support NPC

    ***Teleporters NPC

    ***Player Tools NPC

    ***Buff NPC

    ***Beatmaster NPC

    ***Transmogrifier NPC

    ***Visual NPC

    ***Character Change NPC

    ***Professions NPC

    ***Classes Trainers

    ***Weapons Trainers

    ***Riding Trainer

    ***All Titles Ingame

    ***Start Level  Gear/ 60,65,70,80,85-Level Gear / Vote Vendor / Event Vendor / Donor Vendor/ Ultra Donor Vendor/ V.I.P Vendor / Arena Vendor

    *** Tier T1-T13 Quest's

    ***Custom Instances / Quests

    ***PVP Quests

    ***Exchange Quests

    ***Honorable NPC's

    ***Mount Vendor

    ***Welcome Quest

    ***Custom World Bosses

    ***Leveling 1-85 lvl


    ***Iconed Repack

    ***Custom Ranks

    ***Custom Duel Reset

    ***Custom Exteneded Cost

    ***Custom Mall's -- Grand PvP mall, Small PvP Mall, No PvP Mall, VIP small and Grad Mall

    ***Dueling Zone

    ***Custom Iconed Creatures

    ***Custom Musical Registry Page.


    ***Graveyard Script


    Player Vip Commands



    For VIP : [ Instant Logout ]

    -[.Vip] --> [Mall] - [ChangeRace] - [ChangeFaction] - [Customize] - [Tele].



    -[.vault] -- Bank

    -[.Buff] -- Epic Buffs



    Commands Info :

    --World Chat Command--

    .world $YourMsgText

    .start -- Teleporter you to the mall if you're not in combat also give you full hp/mana, if you're dead it will revive you and send you to the start location. used by all ranks

    .vault -- Bank. used by ranks 1 +

    .resetcombat -- If you have bug combat it will reset it. used by ranks 1+

    .MaxSkill -- give you full skills used by rank 1 +

    .VIP Mall -- Teleport you to the VIP Mall. used by ranks 1+

    .VIP Changerace -- Change your race for free (need to logout). used by ranks 1+

    .VIP Changefaction -- Change your faction for free (need to logout). used by ranks 1+

    .VIP Customize -- Customize your character for free (need to logout to customize). used by ranks 1+


    .VIP Tele -- you can teleport to any X Y Z.


    If you have any difficulties do not hesitate to contact us!   Here!


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